Frequently asked questions

What is our main occupation?
Our graphics operators provide their services during the live sports broadcasts (tittles, statistics, tables,..). They are used to respond to the live development of the sports games and they are also resistant to the pressure that could be often find in live productions.

In what sports can you use our services?
In every sport. Hockey, football tennis, basketball and handball are sports that we dealt or we are dealing with very often. But in general, we can cover with our graphics services and graphics operators every sport event.

Can you use our graphics services outside the sports events?
Yes, depending on the event. In the past we have participated in the entertainment show "Svadba snov", but our graphics services are also used in some of the productions of "Farmarska revue".

Do we provide other services?
Yes, we can create software according your needs that can be used by external graphics operators, we also can help you with connecting to the time keeping machines and we also can do a virtual placement. We also offer a data or statistics collection during a live sports event.

How many broadcasts do we do per year?
It is hard to generalize it, because the numbers are changing from year to year, but we can say we do about 250 live broadcasts per year.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write us. You can find our contact information in section "Contacts"

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