About us

TVG was established

our first presence on OG, that were set in Athens

our second presence on OG, that were set in London

our comapany merged with company of HEGO AB Sweden

HEGO and TVG separated, we provided technical support for RTVS on OG, that were set in Tokyo

we celebrated 25 years

Since the very beginning until today

TVG s.r.o. was established in 1997 and was known as TVG until January 7, 2013. From 7.1.2013 to 1.7.2021, TVG s.r.o. became one of the portfolios of HEGO AB Sweden and subsequently ChyronHego based in the USA. Based on internal changes in ChyronHego and the situation on the European markets, we became independent again on July 1, 2021. From the beginning, our company specializes in technologies related to real-time television graphics and data analysis.We cover with our own graphics software and also a software that collects statistics in real time all the important sport broadcasts but also a smaller domestic broadcast which are produced by both domestic and foreign TV stations since 1997. The total number of GFX productions in various areas of TV broadcasting since the company was established is in the thousands. The main customers of our services in the field of providing TV graphics include RTVS, JOJ, Markíza. From abroad, it is mainly AMC Networks International. We also collaborated with OBS (Olympic Broadcast Services) during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the London Olympics in 2012. In the year of 2021, we have become independent again. In that year we also provided a technical support for RTVS on OG. But it was not only the support - we have designed software according their needs and also designed a graphics that was used in that studio.

Products and services:

• real-time 2D / 3D broadcast graphics and touch-screen graphics
• virtual graphics and virtual advertising (product placement)
• tools for sports analysis and broadcast enhancements
• sports information and results systems
• a complete production system for live internet sports broadcasting
• connectivity to timing systems
• software development, design and implementation solutions according the customer's needs

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