Project The Legends are back has brought together some of the biggest ice hockey stars from Slovak and Czech Republic. It was an exhibition match. The captain of Slovak team was Višňovský and on the other side it was Jágr. We could not miss this broadcast because the players like Hossa, Pálffy, Sekera,..(we could go on, but we would have to put here the whole line-up) were on the ice. On the other side it was Jágr, Eliáš, Židlický,.. The match also had a charitable meaning. We could see that players are still good at hockey because 9 goals. has been scored. Legends from Czech Republic have won 5:4. However, it was not about the result. The Ondrej Nepela stadium was almost sold out. The second match of these teams will take place in Prague. But that will be without our graphics participation. The first match that took place in Bratislava was broadcasted on JOJ PLUS.


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