In additions to live productions our company also offers the creation of the graphics with graphics manual. These services of us were ordered by head body of our highest hockey competition in the recent past. But the latest customer of these services is IIHF. The key moment for IIHF to order graphics from us was the graphics that was made by us and used in the Olympic Qualification tournament in Bratislava. This tournament took place in Bratislava on 26/8 - 29/8/2021. The IIHF was the head of this tournament and that is why it was necessary for them to approve our graphics made for this tournament. We had to send them our graphics visuals and previews. They were really satisfied with our visuals and that is when the collaboration started to emerge. They have ordered from us this graphics and a detailed graphics manual for IIHF needs. The manual contains a comprehensive set of graphic and information materials for professional GFX systems.


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