Football Season 2022/2023 has ended

Fortuna liga that has started on15 July 2022 in Michalovce has come to the end on 20 May 2023. The tittle has gone to Slovan Bratislava for the fifth time in a row. We have not missed this match with our graphic. Altogether we have participated in 64 productions of our main league. But there are some matches yet to come.

During this football season our most common destinations were Podbrezova and Bratislava. On the opposite side was Poprad, where we were only once. Liptovsky Mikulas played there its home matches. It is also worth mentioning Zilina, which you could see on TV 16 times. Fun fact, that the new team from Banska Bystrica was on TV in every round of first three rounds. However, due to the event that took place at the beginning of the league in Banská Bystrica, this newcomer played all the matches outside.

The Football Season has ended with the championship tittle for Slovan. Liptovsky Mikulas was delegated and Kosice was promoted. Later, we will find out which team Zlate Moravce or Presov will be playing in the top competition next year. We will be present at this play-off clash. We are already looking forward to the new season and we hope that it will be at least as exciting as the last one.

Sports leagues are gradually starting to enjoy a well-deserved rest after a difficult season. Likewise, we can relax a bit and wait for what the 2023/2024 season will bring.


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