On the day that World Cup in Qatar has started, the friendly match took place in Národný futbalový štadión between the teams of Slovakia and Chile. This match was labeled as "UEFA Friendlies". For our company it means that this match was as equally important as any other match that is under the supervisor of UEFA. Installation and the graphics check-up were the day before the kick-off. Our graphics services were provided for both - the international signal and Slovak studio that took place right in the Národný futbalový štadión. The graphics that is used fort this broadcast is different from the Nations League (which we broadcasted several times this year), so we had to adapt for the new graphics design.
This match was not like any other. It was the last match for Marek Hamšík in the Slovak jersey. The player who sold out the stadium. The player that has made 136 caps and scored 26 goals for Slovakia. The captain of our representation during our only participation in World Cup. He has become a legend and one of the best players in our history. In the match, that end up in tie 0-0, Marek was substituted in the 89th minute of match with a great applause. This was the end of one stage for our national team. Hamšík gave his captain's armband to Milan Škriniar who has what it takes to become a similar legend like Hamšík. However, not to forget, Marek did not finish his club career. It is even possible that he will come back to Národný futbalový štadión in spring. It is because his club is one of the possible opponents in the Conference League for Slovan. If that happens, our graphics services will not be absent for this match.


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