The year 2022 has come to the end and it is the time to summarize our year in the area of broadcasts. We have attended 261 TV broadcast in the year of 2022. It means that we were able to participate in 21,75 TV broadcasts a month in year 2022. Our strongest month is traditionally the month that play-off takes place in. Last year it was month of March - in that month we have been at 40 TV productions. The weakest month was June, when all the sports were resting and so were we. The productions that we took part in were mostly hockey and football productions. But also, we were present in Farmarska revue, Davis, Cup, EYOF in Banská Bystrica (youth Olympics). We would like to thank all the people and companies that we had an honor of working with in 2022 and we hope that next year will bring us at least the same amount of TV productions as it was in 2022.


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