From January 13 to January 15, the Winter Games were played at the Národný futbalový štadión in Bratislava. In these three days we were providing our services in 4 TV broadcasts. On Friday, the match of the highest Czech hockey league was played between Třinec and Kometa Brno. In that match we did not provide our graphics directly in the match, but we had to be there because of the studio for RTVS, that was directly on the stadium. The match graphics was provided by the colleagues from Czech. But on Saturday and Sunday the matches between Zvolen and Trenčín, Slovan and Košice were played and we provide our graphics for both the match and the studio for RTVS. On Sunday there were two TV matches played. Slovan - Košice and also the match between the legends of Slovan and the legends of Sparta Praha. The signal from this match was produced for Niké. In these 3 days we had to use 3 different graphic templates. The first one was for RTVS studio on Friday (Czezch league match), second one was prepared for the match of legends and the third one was traditional - for Tipos Extraliga. Our work in these three days (four - if we count an installation) was time-consuming. The preparation for these broadcasts took a several days because we needed to adapt our graphic templates according the broadcaster’s needs. We also had to prepare some atypical big graphics templates. But in the end, all went well - both studios and the matches. We hope that Winter Games will become a regular part of our hockey season - and of course, for us.
All three competitive matches that were played on Winter Games were very enjoyable. Despite the fact that the wheatear was not at its best. In the first TV match Třinec has won over Kometa 6:1. In the second TV match Trenčín succeed Zvolen 2:1. The third match, that attracted the most people to the stadium was better managed by Slovan. Slovan - Zvolen 3:1. But this match will go down in the history as the attendance record was set. 14 244 spectators is the number that we will remember as the largest number of spectators in the history of Slovakia at the hockey match.


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